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1. Participation is open to everyone: Dressmakers, designers, Fine Arts students, enthusiasts, fashion design students, etc.


2. The dresses must be made only and exclusively of paper, hand- or machine-sewn. The use of hook-and-eye closures, sew-on velcro tape, wrapped wire, paper-wrapped hooped petticoats (if they are visible), pita fibre and elastic thread is allowed, as well as the use of sprays or paints to colour the paper or add sheen. Decorations and accessories must also be made or lined only in paper. The only reinforcement allowed on the dress is sewn unglued paper binding.


3. The use of adhesives, staples and the like is prohibited. No variety of plastified or metallic paper is allowed. We also recommend not to use non-woven type materials. If used, this will be penalised and the garment will not compete for a prize. Please enquire with the organisers beforehand about any doubts.


4. All the dresses presented must be new designs and they must not have competed or taken part in any other competition or event. Otherwise, the dress will be disqualified.


5. The competition will comprise two sections: ADULTS and CHILDREN (up to the age of 14, inclusive). It remains at the discretion of the designer, the inscription of his dress in one or another section according to the characteristics of the model that carries it.

6. REGISTRATION: A total of 45 dresses will be admitted into the contest. Those interested in joining the contest can pre-register by sending an email to, calling 699946944 or submitting the online registration form no later than 31 August, 2024. The dress(es) should be brought along on the day of the competition


7. Once registered, it is COMPULSORY to accompany the duly completed registration for with samples of EACH and EVERY type or material used to make the dress, both outside and in (linings, accessories...), depending on the type, colour, etc. Likewise, participants will provide a brief description of the technique employed. If the samples provided are incomplete and/or one or more of the samples provided do not correspond to those used or is not paper, the work will not compete for a prize. The music will be chosen by the organisers.


The samples should be sent by registered post, indicating “The Güeñes International Paper Dress Competition," to the following address:


Güeñesko Kultur Etxea

Enkartur Behargintza

Enkarterri, 2

48840 Güeñes [Bizkaia]

More information: 699 946 944 - 946 802 976


8. The jury will score the dresses presented as follows:


Technical and craftsmanship section:

Dressmaking: From 0 to 6 points. Craftsmanship: From 0 to 4 points. Importance will be awarded to the technical finish of the garments presented: Pattern-designing, fine finishing of the pieces, detailed crafts manship and hand-working, functionality.


Design section:

Originality: From 0 to 5 points. Design: From 0 to 5 points.

This section will award more importance to design rather than the technical finish, in which those works opting for a contemporary outcome, coherent with the visually modern styling of today which does not, however, resort to stridency or superfluous appliances that are not an integral part of the overall image

will score more highly.


9. The jury reserves the right to disqualify those dresses that do not meet the minimum quality requirements. It may also decline to award any of the prizes if the quality of the work submitted is not appropriate.

In any event, the jury’s ruling shall never be subject to appeal. All rights to decline admission are reserved.


10. On the same day, before the competition, participants and models must go to the Kultur Etxea in Güeñes to take part in a prior showing before the jury. Competitors will be informed of the time. Punctuality will be required.



Each competing garment must be accompanied by its dress-maker (or representative) and model. In the adult category, the organisation offers those participants who so desire models to present their works. The participants who wish to make use of this option should submit their garments within the following size and measurement range:


For Men:

Height between 1.75 m. and 1.90 m.

Measurements: Chest from 94 cm. to 106 cm. Waist from 76 cm. to 81 cm.

Footwear (not essential) size 43 to 45.


For Women:

Sizes 36 and 38. Height between 1.70 m. and 1.80 m.

Measurements: Bust from 84 cm. to 92 cm.

Waist from 61 cm. to 67 cm, hips from 85 cm. to 93 cm.

Footwear (not essential)

Size: 39-41



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